Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chronic pain

A few days ago I saw a documentary about people who have chronic pain. It's shocking how many people suffer on a daily basis often for years and decades. The doctors are not educated for chronic pain. They give a prescription: pain killer. Yet in the long run this ruins the stomach, the liver, it can even lead to poisoning the body. 

After 3 months of pain one speaks of chronic pain. That is the original cause might no more exist, yet the brain has learned to have pain. 

Chronic pain can be healed. What the brain could learn, it can also unlearn. 

All doctors agree: To move is good. 
My experience: it is. 

The patients learn relaxation methods.
They also learn to focus on something else but the pain, something that is so exciting for a person that the pain is simply forgotten. This helps to unlearn to have pain. 

The patients often are advised to go to a psychologist. Stress can be a cause for pain. One can learn to handle stress. 

All the exercises that I see in books or online are often sort of asanas. So today I practiced. I was relaxed. Afterwards I had the feeling that  the pain returns. I went out and walked around. This helped me not to repeat the pain routine. I feel on my way to recovery. To practice, yet to take it easy is my advice. 90 min of yoga are enough. It needn't to be 2 hours each and every day. I avoid pain and focus on those asanas that need special attention. 

I'm looking forward to primary tomorrow. It will be a lunch practice. I AM flexible. 

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