Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Utthita parsva konasana

Also utthita parsva konasana got adjusted during my stay in Vienna.

The teacher saw that I had too much weight on my hand. Yet it's the feet/legs that stabilize the pose. When the feet press into the floor the upper body is more flexible. At once the asanas feels better.

I never liked to take pictures of this asana because the face looked always a bit strange due to the head position.

My head got adjusted, too.

The head doesn't move backwards, it turns around. That is, the chin doesn't move upwards, it turns around.
It might be even easier to look first backwards, and then going down into the position.

When the head position is correct, the back of the neck and the back are in line. Then the head is parallel to the camera and this pose looks nicely also on pictures.

Dristis are important. From L I learned it's not gazing at a point, yet gazing towards a point. His example was downward facing dog. When the bandhas are engaged one will never be able to see the navel. Yet one can look towards it.
It's always looking TOWARDS a point.

To have the weight on the legs is doable at once.
To correct the head position will take time.

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