Tuesday, September 08, 2015

This morning I gave up!

This morning after a lousy almost sleepless night I gave up. First I didn't get up as planned. I felt exhausted, even ill. When I finally got up the blood pressure seemed to be low. I felt dizzy. In the kitchen I hesitated for some time. But I felt so bad that I finally ate the blackberries that I still had from the first day, the fruit day. After that I dashed at the banana, but I couldn't eat it the whole banana. The body and mind were too weak to put it on a plate afterwards. To eat tofu and vegetables again like yesterday already for breakfast seemed to be a horror. I schlepped myself to the bed again. Feet and hands were ice cold. The rest of the body felt even feverish. Overall feeling: very bad. Relaxation overpowered me and slowly I got better.

During the last days I planned already the first meal after these 7 days of fasting. Now it was the breakfast on the 5th day. It required some energy to prepare it. In pyjama I ate it and I knew that to give up this 'fasting' only 2 days before the official end was the best I could do. The energy was exhausted after the act of preparing a tiny meal. To put back my ingredients was too much already. Horizontal in the bed again I waited till the food would kick in. This was soon the case. Energy returned and it allowed me to shower. 

I'm happy with my decision and that I don't have to play the role of a hero. Enough is enough.
My goals are reached. 

1. I slipped into this treasure trap lately, how I call it now after having read the book 'The treasure Trap'. The craving for sweets, chocolate, cakes, panna cotta had no limit. This found an end. Today I'll meet a friend to see the Warhol exhibition. At the opposite side of the museum is my favorite ice cream seller. Alone the thought of eating ice cream makes me feel sick. And it is my favorite coconut vegan ice cream. I used to go miles for it at any time. 

2. My wished weight is reached also. I can imagine that this is the most interesting point for many in a society where half of it is overweight. The yogis are in general slimmer. I won't make a secret out of it,  here is a graph. One of my first apps was 'Check your weight'. Every day one can enter the weight. Hahahaha......... 

One can clearly see, that weight goes up and down. This is normal and no yoyo. During my vacation I couldn't enter anything but as so often at the end it's a bit on the upper rim. It's almost impossible to eat healthy in restaurants. And then I started the 'fasting'. It was not really satisfying to see that every day only a few gram less were on the scales. In sum it was great. I lost 2 kg and 200 gr within 5 days. The effort for this was huge. 

Life is an experiment. I loved to experience the effect on the body if one eats food of a certain kind only. It felt unbalanced. One shouldn't feel hunger during these 7 days. This promise couldn't be kept 100%, which is not a tragedy. 

I have made plans for the day after. This is a post to come. 

NEVER AGAIN, I'll try a fasting.

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