Saturday, September 05, 2015

The third day of 'fasting'

The third day:

1. Recommendation: Drink a glas of water after getting up, every day, so also today. I am into that habit.
2. Today fruit and vegetables were allowed except bananas and potatoes.

Pictures show breakfast, lunch and dinner.....

This morning I woke up and didn't feel so good. I went to the kitchen and had my first portion of fruit. After a while I felt good. It's still interesting to see what influence the single ingredients have on the body. I feel light, I'm not starving, but I miss bread. The taste sensitizes.

To stroll around feels good. It distracts. This is not a hunger diet. It's not necessary to scrutinize the feelings and the body every minute.

The Ratatouille was a bit boring, but it was filling. It's evening. This was my last meal for today.

The mental food for this week is a book that I can highly recommend: It's called 'The treasure trap'.

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