Monday, September 07, 2015

The fifth day of 'fasting'

The worst of the day is behind me already: The Mysore class. This is a joke. It was awesome. My practice had an intensity that I cannot create at home even though I have a focused practice these days. The wall cannot substitute the adjustments of my teacher M when I exercise kapotasana. 
I sweated, I felt thirsty after the practice. At home I fell in the bed and slept. 

Today is the fifth day of 'fasting': 

I thought: OMG, this day will become difficult. 
The first step was to change this self-talk. I managed 4 days, why shall I not manage day 5? 

Here is the menu of day 5: 
1. Drink your glass of water. Done.
2. Today 2 portions of Tofu and 6 tomatoes in sum are on the menu. It's best to eat the tomatoes raw. 
3. One shall drink 1 l of water minimum in addition.
4. It's allowed to eat the 'miracle soup'. The recipe can be found on yesterday's post. When I reread this, I became optimistic again. 

I celebrate my meals. I taste consciously what I put into my mouth. Chewing happens automatically. I realize how the consistency of the food changes the longer it is in the mouth. Also the taste changes. 

The meals are light. I'm not full, but it is enough what I eat. Less is more. 

There is a lot to do today. This redirects the focus to something else but this 'fasting'. I'll sleep as much as I want. I don't feel hungry, but when I ask myself 100 times, I might change my opinion without real reason. So, it's good that I'm busy. 

Yes, also this day will be doable. 
I feel good. 

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