Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Surya namaskara B - Jumping forward

The hint, that I'll describe in this post, has changed my surya namaskara A, but also how I jump forward. It bettered enormously. I found another piece of the mosaic. 

My practice was observed in great detail in Vienna. I thought I would move my leg straight between my hands, but this was not the case. The poses feel so differently than they look. I did this movement in slow motion and I realized that I have to move the knee closer to the body in order to keep it in line. 

Usually I didn't care much about this short moment when the foot was between the hands. I moved the hands upwards. I took care that my bent leg remained parallel to the floor. Most students move upwards here. 
I tried to have a 90% angle between leg and body. This was it. 

Yet this moment when the foot is between the hands is worth being studied. Why: It can help how one jumps forward. 

I put a blanket on the floor so that my foot is about 1cm off the floor. Usually my body was on the knee. One can be creative and find time to relax even when not expected. Yet it's so much more useful to have space between body and leg. If there is enough space between body and leg and foot and floor, jumping through without touching the floor is possible. 

I hold this pose (pic 2) for several breaths. The body shall remember this position. Secondly it's good to build strength exactly in this position. Best is being able to have the foot off the floor without blanket.

Last Friday when I was in a Mysore class I was so astonished how often I was able to jump forward without sliding on the floor with my feet. The understanding of this position helped me. Sometimes it's just getting a hint and the pose or vinyasa improves. Sometimes one has to work towards a goal. 

When jumping forward it's even a bit easier, because the legs are crossed and therefore it's easier to have the feet of the ground because there is more room. 
I also remembered the height where the feet pass by the arms. 

To experience that it is possible to create space between the floor and the feet and the leg and the body helps also psychologically. It's an 'aha-moment'. To see this space is the prove that the jumps are possible.

I move the leg in slow motion between the arms. I take a break when my foot is between my arms to build strength. I try to lift up the foot. My body doesn't rest anymore an the leg.

Suddenly the sun salutations become interesting again. Not only this. They exhaust me again. 

Try it! This hint has the potential to better your vinyasas. 

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