Monday, September 14, 2015

Chaturanga Dandasana

During my last stay in Vienna I went to an Ashtanga yoga school. This was surely one highlight of this trip. We were only few people in class and I got more or less a private lesson. The feed-back that I got will change my practice.

Let's start with the sun salutation: 
The sun salutation serve as a warm up. Yet when performed correctly they can prepare to perform asanas and vinyasas.

Practicing chaturanga dandasana correctly helps to build  strength that is needed when jumping backwards i.e..
Currently I feel stuck at the 'jumping backwards' because I don't know how to shift the weight of my body forward towards my hands when I've lifted the body, so that my legs have room enough to move/fly backwards.

I have found a key to this challenging movement. It starts really at the very beginning.
The asanas and vinyasas feel differently than they actually look like.

I always tried to feel the weight of my body on my hands before I actually jumped backwards, Obviously it was not enough and soon the weight was more on the feet than on the arms.

The advise was to make smaller jumps and to move the shoulders forward.
I try this now and it's so much more challenging. It feels even a bit awkward. I might hang a bit  through. The bandhas could be engaged more. Yet I've found another tiny piece of the mosaic.
The lower arms shall be parallel to the wall.
(To change a habit can be difficult.)

Practicing chaturanga dandasana correctly will help me to build strength in the arms that is needed for the 'jumping backwards vinyasa'. I'm glad for every tiny step.
Try it.

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