Friday, September 04, 2015

A week of 'fasting'.

The first day:
1. It's recommended to drink a glass of water (room temperature) in the morning.
2. The first day is the fruit day. All fruits are allowed, but no bananas.
3. In order not to have hunger it's allowed to eat Chia-samen, that is soaked in water.

The fruit day is already over and it was an interesting experience. We even had a Papaya. Nevertheless fruit doesn't fill up. One doesn't love to eat another orange and another kiwi if one has eaten already 2 pieces from each. This is why fruit is no drug. It doesn't make addicted like sugar. After an apple it is enough apple.

The main goal why I do this 'fasting' is to reset the body to stop the craving for sugar and fat.
I'm glad that I was consequent the first day. I had a lot of energy.
This morning I woke up early and practiced the first Ashtanga series. I had no hunger. I felt refreshed.

Tomorrow I'll write about day 2.

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