Friday, August 21, 2015

Primary series today

At 6:30 am I was on my mat. It's exactly the time when the Mysore class starts. I was not sure if I should go or not. Yet when I was up, I could feel my back. The decision was clear then. It's all so much better. This part of the body that is in trouble is recovering for sure. If there is any pain in my body, I don't speak about discomfort, then this part dictates my day.

I practiced with care and slowly. My practice lasted 2 hours, even though I did only primary and no extra exercises.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I used to lift up and stayed in urdhva dhanurasana for 5 breaths. Then I went down on my head  and walked my hands closer to the feet, then I lifted myself up again.
I have change this a bit. I go down on my head and lift up, then I walk my hands closer. That way I get the feeling how it is when at least one hand doesn't touch the floor. There is no support from the head either. Only the feet and one hand are on the floor for a moment. I want to get used to shift the weight to the feet. The goal is to come up.

Friday is primary (only) on the schedule (worldwide) and it's OK to end the week modest. This makes the practice safe. After an exhausting week the body is exhausted. I didn't drop back today.

I'm glad that I practiced the familiar poses of primary again. As I don't practice the second part of the middle part during the week, I was curious how it would be. It was all OK.

And tomorrow I'll enjoy a day off.

Practicing Ashtanga yoga is a life style.

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