Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Home practices

My back is not 100% OK. That is sometimes it is OK, sometimes it's so bad that I take a pain killer. to move is always good. Pain comes when I sit and sit and sit and don't move.

My alarm clock was set at 6am also this morning. At 5:30 I woke up and started my pre-yoga-morning-routine: coffee, shower are main ingredients.

In general my home practices improved: I don't want any distraction anymore. I don't need music anymore. The sound of my breath is enough. Breaks do not exist anymore either. Yet I practice super slowly. My usual program that lasts 2 hours, lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes today. I did some extra asanas, but not for 30 min.

I could do every asana in the given order today. No pain is felt now. The practice was very intensive. I'm happy.

The difficult asanas get extra attention at home:
1. Setu bandhasana: Before doing this pose I lie down on the back between my bent legs. In the next step, I put my feet on blocks. This helps to stretch the leg muscles.
2. Laghu vajrasana: I break this pose down into little steps. At home I use a block under my head and I breathe 3 times. I could come out of the pose. So tomorrow I'll stay for 5 breaths. If this is doable, too, I'll find a thing, perhaps a book that is a bit less thick than my blog. I'll progress from 1 breaths to 5 breaths, one breath at a time.
3. Kapotasana: I do splits before doing the pose to stretch the front of the thighs. Then I role on my dharma wheel to stretch the upper body. Then I practice this pose against a wall, trying to stay there for as many breaths as possible. When the pose becomes comfortable I'll go a bit deeper and so on.

Vinyasas improve, too. I think that I must still jump a bit higher. It would also be good to bring the heels closer to the body. The picture is from the archives. Challenging asanas strengthen the patience muscle.

The mental skills that we exercise are among others: discipline and concentration.
Practicing asanas is not only about fancy body postures. The mind is always part of the game.

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