Saturday, August 01, 2015

Eight limbs....

The marathon cleaning yesterday was not the best idea I ever had. In the evening my back hurt so much. It's a nerve or two that make this trouble in paradise. It's sort of lumbago, this is my explanation. Pain is not permanent. Yet I feel restricted. When I went to bed yesterday night my E had to put away the cover. I was not able to do it, my back hurt that much. The night was OK. Now I feel better again, the pain is still there. Something is out of order and I wish all the cells of my body move back to their places.

Asana practice is important for yoginis.
It's just the start.
There is meditation, pranayama. There are also rest days like today. We have a Saturday. Rest days make sense. They give time for the body to recover from the week.
My pain in the body reminds me that there is more than just asanas.......

Backbending: When I practice at home I add the splits after the standing sequence of before kapotasana. When bending backwards, no matter what variation, there are 3 important points:
1. Strong legs
2. The front of the hips
3. The front of the shoulders

Each part can be exercised separately.

When I do the splits I try to bring the hip of the leg that points backwards down to the floor. Gravity supports this. I also use blocks. With my  hands on the blocks next to my hips I move the upper body backwards. This lengthens the front of the body, especially around the hips.

Let's face the facts: Usually we sit on a chair. Sometimes we stand. Very seldom this strong muscles in front of the hips are stretched. To stretch it 1 min every day and to expect miracles is not realistic. In order to see progress some extra work needs to be done. Not today....

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