Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What to do, what to do?

Also today's practice was painful. Already trikonasana A drew my attention to my  lower right back. After supta vajrasana I switched to the closing sequence. I omitted bakasana, the twists and the leg behind head poses. In general I'd say it's good to move and to practice. Yet in my case I have the feeling the 'injury' gets worse when I practice certain asanas like twists and these leg behind head poses.
When practicing in a group the practice is intensive. I cannot practice with half of my energy. I search the limits and this is perhaps not that good right now.

All back bending asanas seem to be OK. It feels even good to practice them.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I'll take a break.
I can decide tomorrow morning at 5am what to do.....

We are such a wonderful group of people every morning that I'll miss all the dedicated yogis and yoginis. Time to take a Magnesium. It shall be good for the muscles. Fingers crossed.

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