Thursday, July 02, 2015

Virabhadrasana A and B

Virabhadrasana A

A list of the critical points:
1. The position of the feet is important. One foot points forward. The other foot points forward, too in a 90° ankle. Imagine 2 parallel lines in hip distance. One foot stands on the one line, the other one on the other line. 
2. The hips are even. This pose stretches the front of the hips. This prepares for deeper back bending asanas. 
3. Legs are engaged and stabilize this pose. Strong legs are important for back bending asanas.
4. There are three 90° ankles. One is between foot and shin bone, another one is below the knee. The third one is between leg and body. 90 % of the students stand too high. 
5. The palms of the hands touch. The fingers are closed. I know that the pose becomes easier when fingers are folded. Yet we search the challenges and not the easy variations, isn't it?
6. Dristi is the thumb. 

Virabhadrasana B

1. It's important to stand deep,
2. The rim of the back feet is parallel. This makes sense because this pose opens the hips.
3. The back is long, no hollow back
4. The arms are supposed to be even. 

Both poses build strength in the legs. This is a challenge.

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