Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not painfree, but.....

I practiced at home. Slowly. Attentive. Always ready to switch to a short closing sequence.

More was possible than expected. I practiced what I usually practice: Half primary and the beginning of second. I stopped after the twists (not after yoga nidrasana). Three times I did urdhva dhanurasana, I didn't drop back.
The closing sequence was very relaxing.

I have the feeling as if the nerve is at a better place again. My diagnosis: It is/was sort of lumbago.

My back feels so good now, that I don't take an Aspirin.
If my back feels so good tomorrow morning, I'll join the Mysore class again.

My concentration improved. Also at home I have intensive focused practices.

There are always obstacles on the path:
Sometimes I'm injured, not necessarily because of THE practice. I'm glad that this is very seldom.
Sometimes I travel and the yoga place is not inviting.
Sometimes I have eaten too much and the extra kilos make the practice difficult.
Sometimes I think I miss something and I don't go to bed...... what ever it might be.......

It's always good and joyful to return to this practice....also when peak performances cannot be expected.

Fingers crossed that I feel excellent tomorrow.

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