Sunday, July 19, 2015

Home practice today.

Once a week I want to practice alone for many reasons:

1. Once a week I want to practice second series only. I want to have enough power for the back bending asanas. And I want to repeat these back bending asanas. That way my practice is intensive, yet shorter. I practice usually primary till navasana and then second series till nidrasana. This lasts 2 hours.
2. The second reason is rather a sad reason. My back (pain) is still there. I blame supta kurmasana for it. But who can be sure about the cause. Fact is I want to practice modest with a lot of care and attention on Sundays. Mysore classes rather make me ambitious. Right now I feel rather good, almost pain free. This relieves me. To move always better the situation. Is it sort of lumbago? I don't know.
3. Once a week I want to take some pictures. My pictures help me a lot. They give me feed-back.
4.For the time being I have so much fun with this Istagram challenge created by Kino.  Every day we upload a picture, this is a lot. Sunday is a good time for trying some other poses.
4. I love to stay up a bit longer on Saturdays. To practice when tired in the morning is not so good.
5. My dharma wheel helps me. I want to work with it.

When it's too difficult to practice alone, I'll get up again and schlepp myself to a Mysore class. What a luxury to have a choice.

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