Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vinyasa - jumping forward

Since I've read an anatomy book by David Keil I try to to jump from downdog onto my hands (not handstand) and I try to hold this pose for a breath before I float through my arms. I used to exercise this against the wall. But what happens when jumping against the wall can be seen in the picture below. The feet stop the body from falling, yet that means that the legs have another position than required. They are too high. This makes falling more likely.

The first pictures shows exactly the leg position, only that I'm in headstand and not on my hands. Nevertheless this picture helped me a lot. It showed me that I don't have to be so afraid of falling. I studied the position when I was into it. The abdomen are engaged. The knees are very close to the body, so are the feet.

Today I tried exactly this. I tried to bring my upper legs to the body as close as possible. I couldn't hold this pose. There is still some work to do. Yet the vinyasa (forward jumping) was very good today. Often the feet didn't touch the floor when I moved the legs through the arms. This is the way.

My next exercise is to try this pose when on my hands. The wall might help here at first. I only want to feel the pose so that I can remember it when I jump into it.

Oh, today is a moon day. I didn't know it because I haven't checked the moon calender. I was so glad that a yogini was at the shala. We practiced together. It was such an intensive practice. I simply loved it.

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