Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The wheel

I had the feeling that kapotasana was good today. This motivated me to work with my wheel again. What is new on the above pictures is, that my elbows are on the floor. I wanted to put my palms on the floor, yet I needed the wheel to stay in that pose.

This little exercise might be a warm up, but it also stretches front of the body enormously. On the same time it allows to relax.

This wheel is a new tool and I still have to find out where to put the wheel:

To have the feet in the middle of the wheel felt good. In that position I can relax. It stretches the hips. It's surely good advice to engage the leg muscles. Yet the wheel also allows to relax and therefore stretching seems easier. 

Next time I'll try to walk my hands to the feet. :) 

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