Thursday, June 18, 2015

Move the leg around the body.

M: "Don't move your body around your leg. Move your leg around your body."

It surely is a little trick to twist the body, so that the shoulder comes forward, so that it's easier to put the leg on this shoulder. Yet all these leg behind head poses aim at opening the hips (and not twisting the body).

Ideally the spine and upper body doesn't move. I had gained already some confidence in these forward bending asanas with the leg behind the body. I see that the work must be done in the hips and that I have to give up my little tricks.

To lift the chest is another advice. Sometimes it's a good start to visualize this movement.

Since yesterday M has split my practice: I practice primary till navasana, then I switch to second series till yoga nidrasana. This is the classic split. I thought it would be easier for me to split and switch, but it has been 2 years now that I haven't practiced that far. I feel challenged. As always it's not only the asanas that have to be mastered, but also the vinyasas.
I love it that something has moved.

After yoga nidrasana it's rather difficult to do urdhva dhanurasana. It will become a bit easier when my body is used to the new practice order. I hope so.

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