Monday, June 08, 2015

Laghu vajrasana and urdhva dhanurasana

There are many asanas that are difficult because of the vinyasa around them and not because of the asana itself.

Laghu vajrasana is such an asana. The challange is to get out of the pose again. The 'trick' that I always hear is to keep the legs engaged. The leg muscles shall keep the knees together.
The main mistake is to relax when the head touches the floor. Then the game is lost.

The challenge when practicing urdhva dhanurasana is the same. When I drop back from standing position I have my legs engaged first. Yet before falling, my awareness shifts to my upper body. I focus on stretching my arms against the floor so that I won't fall on my head. Unfortunately the legs relax then.
This makes it impossible for me to come up again. I usually rock forwards and backwards. In vain.

This was indeed a very useful hint by M: One must keep the legs engaged. ALL THE TIME.

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