Sunday, June 21, 2015

Counter poses

There is a counter pose to every asana and I think it's important not to perform it superficially. It's rather good advice to enjoy every bit of it, consciously.

The upward facing dog is the counter pose to all the back bending asanas. When practicing the vinyasas, THIS pose is important. Sometimes it can even be good advice to hold it a bit longer than just for 1 breaths.

I try to find my limit. Before moving on I take a little pause. This little pause lasts as long as I say (silently) the word 'p a u s e'.

The counter pose for the back bending asanas is downward facing dog.
I think that child's pose is sort of counter pose to headstand.

Performing the counter poses can come with discomfort. To practice upward facing dog after supta kurmasana can be difficult. In the beginning one might need more time (as said already) to move into this pose. With time the body becomes more flexible and then also the counter pose becomes easier.

The counter pose to urdhva dhanurasana is paschimottanasana. It's held for 10 breaths, It's not only a transition pose. Adjustments are given. Always. I even think that this counter pose makes sure that no injuries happen. No matter how hard my back bending was after paschimottanasana the body feels good.

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