Friday, April 17, 2015

Laghu vajrasana requires strong legs

Laghu vajrasana is a challenging pose, too. Yet it's more the vinyasa that is challenging. To move controlled into the pose, staying there for 5 breaths and then coming up again requires a lot of strength in the legs. The bandhas shall be engaged, too. When the legs relax only a tiny bit during the performance of this asana, you have lost.

The steeper the bow the easier it is to come up. Yet no excuses. In order to come up from all the back bending asanas, might it be kapotasana or urdhva dhanurasana we need a lot of strength in the legs. One cannot exercise often enough to come up.

Down and up - this is my current performance. It's good to repeat the poses that are difficult. From May on I could try to hold this pose for one looooong breath.

Tomorrow is Saturday and a moon day. That is I can sleep in. That's great even though it's a habit already to get up early (5am). It's no more dark. It's almost strange to stay longer in bed.

Happy weekend to everybody.

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