Thursday, April 23, 2015

I slept in...

On Monday I had the feeling that I'm behind everything. I skipped the Mysore class to use all my energy for the life off the mat. I was so diligent. I accomplished so much here. Even the balcony is decorated with some flowers now. They became a daily joy already. It's one of the first actions I do in the morning. I prepare my cup of coffee and I go to the balcony to look at my flowers.
I cleaned the windows on Monday, I bought tickets, I bought a coffee machine. At the end of the month I'll have guests. I must count again, but I think we'll be about 13 people and we'll stay together the entire day. Preparation is necessary for such an event. Also this year the oldest guest is above 90. The youngest guest, a boy is 2 years old. Planning is everything to have a relaxed birthday.

Today I slept in, which drives me crazy. My alarm clock stopped. Yesterday night it fell on the floor. I didn't check it. This morning I saw that it had stopped at 9pm. It was that early that I went to bed to be really awake for the Mysore class. It shouldn't be. It will be a home practice today.

And this post should be about: what gets me going. I was asked. 

1. Best is to have a routine, a strong habit. I think many people want too much at once. Every New Year a list is made what shall be changed. Soon the  list is forgotten. To create one habit at a time is enough.
2. Not to question every day a decision is a good advice, too.
3. Imagine the feeling how it is when something is done is helpful, too.
4. Horror pictures might work, too.

I could go on and on with this list. What gets you going is also very individual. To observe oneself might deliver information. Which activities do you do easily? Why? How do you do them? Then use this pattern for other activities that are more difficult to do.

Now I have time for a second cup of coffee......... before I step on the mat.

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