Sunday, April 12, 2015

His kapotasana adjustment leaped ahead...

His kapotasana adjustment leaped ahead and in consequence my performance of this crazy pose will leap ahead, too... Ha!

So what changed.  I'm on my knees, the starting point. If you are in awe of life in general this is a familiar position. From here the journey backwards begins.

The soles of my feet look upwards. New is that M puts his feet on mine. This gives me stability.  I can lengthen the body easily. I can push the hips forward, I can open the lower back and I feel stable.

My hands are on the knees of the teacher. The goal is to move them down, till they reach my own feet. (Imagine!) I can try this on my own. Yet this is difficult and distracts from the real work, which is not in the hands. So when my hands are put closer to the floor I can work on lifting up the chest. I can focus on pushing the hands against the shin bones to make the bow of my body rounder, yet I'm not busy to move them on my own.

It's very helpful when my elbows are moved to each other.

Important also is to take time for this pose. One must really stay and breathe. Then one must go deeper. Again the body must get familiar with the deeper position. Again: breathing.... It's not a quick adjustment. M has time. The body must get used to this position. Again and again....

Before the adjustment I worked on my own. This prepares me for the deeper backbending when adjusted. It was a good day today, surprisingly good.

My optimism is back. My attitude towards kapotasana is volatile. Sometimes I think it's within reach. Sometimes I think not. I mean I work on this pose since 7 years. I think of it, I practice it, I visualize it, I watch YouTube videos. I read books on anatomy re this pose, I repeat it and so on.....7 years.

An insight comes into my mind:
If you think it's not possible, you are right.
If you think it's possible, you are right, too.

Trust and optimism will help me to reach my toes with my fingers while bending backwards. LOL. Perhaps in 2015!!! :)

The yoga week has started. I love it. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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