Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Back home

Vacation in France were great. To be back home is great, too. Yesterday I slept in, but today I went to the Mysore class.
During the vacation I only practiced once between bathroom and bedroom. It was not a practice that counts. The hotel rooms were nice, but simply too small. Call it an excuse.

Today I wanted to take my practice easy, but I cannot take it easy. My limits move, but I always have to try to get close. 10 days off from yoga, I feared the worst. I was so astonished that the beginning was easy, I even felt flexible. Soon I understood. I lost strength. usually this comes with more flexibility. Soon my muscles started trembling. After the first series I practiced slowly. Also back bending was not that bad as expected. I felt flexible.
My closing sequence was lousy. I was exhausted.

At home again I took a Magnesium. My muscles need it. Fingers crossed that I won't be sore tomorrow. M is back which is a joy. He seems to be full of energy and enthusiasm for this Ashtanga cult. I profit from it. His stay in Mysore was good. I have this impression. He radiated clarity.

The role of a teacher is also to motivate. M motivates.  I only wanted to drop back once into urdhva dhanurasana. My creative mind always finds reasons and excuses for anything. I dropped back 3 times. I was asked how often I dropped back. It was clear that 2 drop backs were still missing before I should get the usual adjustments. I only cheat myself. I'm glad now that I dropped back 3 times. It's possible. Every drop back counts.

My right knee is not OK. It feels swollen inside. It hurts when I do i.e. janu sirsasana C. I switch to janu sirsasana A then and practice around the pain. I fear it's still a consequence of last winter when I fell on my knee on that icy pavement.

A start is made. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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