Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back bending, back bending, back bending

Ustrasana: I held this pose for 8 long breaths. It shall prepare me for what comes next.

Laghu vajrasana: Also today I moved backwards till my head touched the floor and then I came up. This time I stayed a tiny tiny bit longer. No, I shouldn't mention this fracture of a second. More important was, that I repeated this pose. The second time was so much more difficult to come up. Before moving backwards I visualize Sergei Polunin, the ballet dancer. In the choreography to 'Take me to church' is a movement that is a laghu vajrasana. Sergei moves backwards and upwards with such elegance. This is my role model here. It looks so easy when he does it.

Kapotasana: There are days where this pose feels awful. Today it felt excellent. Then I'm happy. I had the feeling that I was in a deep deep back bending.

Urdhva dhanurasana: Each time when I exercise this pose I try to get closer with my arms. G showed me a trick. When on the balls of the feet it's easier to walk the hands in. When they are closer one can lower the heels again and voilà the bow is a tiny bit closer. The leg muscles get stretched. I shift the weight to the arms to stretch the front of the body and I try to hoooooooold this pose.
M motivates and challenges A LOT.

I do love the atmosphere in the shala. We are a wild bunch of so committed practitioners. Here is the link on Facebook.

I finish my practice wholeheartedly with: Thank you.

At home again I prepare breakfast for my E and myself. Sometimes I get a 'Brötchen' for him on the way home. Today we had fruit. We share an apple and a banana.

Then the craziness of the day can begin. I'm ready.

Picture: An encounter this morning.

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