Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why knitting is so addictive

I knit and knit and knit......and soon my ice-blue pullover will be ready to wear. Why is knitting so addictive? In the last days I did nothing else but knitting. Taking pictures, preparing a meal, cleaning, reading didn't distract me from knitting.

I think this is the power of visualization.
Whenever one starts a knitting project one has the end product in mind. And this wants to be realized. The path is known, too. Knitting, knitting, kitting.

The power of visualization is still underrated. I'll integrate in in my daily routines. For sure. Things get done when one can imagine them. Perhaps this will help me to reach my toes in kapotasana. It can be.

Yoga: I practice daily in the shala, yes, yes, One day the practice is great, the other day not. I observe this and stay cool.

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Anonymous said...

I love knitting also, but unfortunately all the things you listed call me and win out - often! :) May I request you post a photo here or on facebook of the finished project? I would love to see it.
Namaste, dear U...