Sunday, March 01, 2015

The yoga week has started

It's the 1st of March today and Sunday.

I was a bit lazy this morning and even reluctant to get out of the bed. Yet then I saw this orange-blue sky. This opened my eyes, this woke me up, this filled my heart with joy.

During March we have a new teacher. M is indeed a master in organizing things. L just arrived from India, Gokulam.

When I entered the practice room, he, his girl-friend and our teacher S were still practicing. I love to see what dedicated practitioners we have as teachers.

There are so many ways to adjust kapotasana, I was curious how L would adjust me here. He sits behind me, guides my hands to his knees and I try o get deeper pressing the hands against his shin bones. M adjusted me this way,too.

I got also help in urdhva dhanurasana. We quickly found a rhythm. Swinging two times, and coming up the third time. I feel it, I'm so close to come up on my own. I really try hard to get my hands as close as possible to the feet.

The final goal is to do all the asanas alone. Till then I enjoy the luxury of the support of experienced teachers. Might also L have a wonderful time here in Munich.

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