Friday, March 06, 2015

Excellent led class

Today is Friday, that is worldwide the Ashtanga yoga practitioners practice the first series. This is so reasonable. After an intensive week the bodies are weak and it's safe to do a bit less. For many yoginis primary is less than usual.

We had a led class. It was perfect. Perfect means for me that the counting was even.

Some teacher count slower when the yoginis perform a challenging asana. Usually I give up then. To hold navasana for 5 even breath is my limit.

Most teacher are too nice for led classes. There comes a point where they cannot stop themselves to adjust yoginis who are not able to get into a pose. Then the counting rhythm is changing. The other yoginis are starving in the meantime in a pose that is challenging for them, too, but it gets even more challenging if they have to hold it much longer. I think of bhuja pidasana. Adjusting during a led class spoils the rhythm.

Our teacher L counted evenly. Twice I saw him adjusting someone. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have noticed it.
I could follow the counting with my breath. The rhythm didn't give room to dream. This even rhythm created flow. This is always a highlight.

I loved this fast consequent rhythm. I also learned something.
Marichyasana C and D is challenging because one has to get into the pose very quickly. Yet one also gets out of the pose quickly. There is the last exhaling of the last fifth breath. With the next inhaling one lifts up the body to perpare the jumping.

It's always a little miracle how good I feel after a yoga session.
Happy weekend.

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