Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do you switch channels when watching TV?

For me it's lack of focus, perhaps also lack of concentration if one jumps from one program to the other. One can also start reading a book and before one has read the 300 pages one can start reading the next book and the next book......
One can also have a lot of unfinished knitting projects in the wardrobe. The above top I started 10 years ago. I know this because the magazine with this pattern is from 2005. I finished this top yesterday. And I'll finish also some more knitting projects that dawdle in the drawers.

To finish things, whatever it is, gives room for new activities. To have too many unfinished, undone projects can become a burden. One can feel overwhelmed. How many project can one handle?

After having finished a project I rest. I love this ritual when I practice yoga. After the Ashtanga yoga practice the yoginis lie down and relax. There is a closing sequence before the relaxation. It's to calm down.

To find a warm up, doing the practice and then to calm down seems to me a rhythm that one can apply to other activities, too.

Today my body was like a smoothie. My practice felt excellent. What a highlight in my life and this happened already before 9am. :)

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Quentin said...

I surf channels too, but recently prefer using the smart tv streaming programs and movies. is my preference. No commercials!!!