Saturday, March 28, 2015


It remains a challenge to practic during vacation. Today is Saturday, a day off. The hotel room is so French, so cute, yet too small to roll out a yoga mat. I don't feel invited to practice here.

I'm curious about tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do you switch channels when watching TV?

For me it's lack of focus, perhaps also lack of concentration if one jumps from one program to the other. One can also start reading a book and before one has read the 300 pages one can start reading the next book and the next book......
One can also have a lot of unfinished knitting projects in the wardrobe. The above top I started 10 years ago. I know this because the magazine with this pattern is from 2005. I finished this top yesterday. And I'll finish also some more knitting projects that dawdle in the drawers.

To finish things, whatever it is, gives room for new activities. To have too many unfinished, undone projects can become a burden. One can feel overwhelmed. How many project can one handle?

After having finished a project I rest. I love this ritual when I practice yoga. After the Ashtanga yoga practice the yoginis lie down and relax. There is a closing sequence before the relaxation. It's to calm down.

To find a warm up, doing the practice and then to calm down seems to me a rhythm that one can apply to other activities, too.

Today my body was like a smoothie. My practice felt excellent. What a highlight in my life and this happened already before 9am. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Also today I felt weak during my Ashtanga yoga practice. The tolerance to stand discomfort was low. Motivation to work on the vinyasas or asanas wasn't worth to talk about. BUT I managed it to practice my program. I'm very relaxed towards the ups and downs. I even know that in the long run those practices like today enlarge stamina. One learns: I can also practice when I'm not in best mood, when I'm not super hero strong.

I feel tired.  I'll give in. 20 min on the bed will refresh me.

Friday, March 13, 2015

It's not even 9am...

...and I'm at home again. Friday is primary day. I don't do more than this. I also don't work hard on poses like urdhva dhanurasana. I did it 4 times. No drop backs. That was it. I don't dawdle, so within less than 90 min I'm through, relaxation pose included.

I cannot practice super sloppy. I always search my limits. Yet there are different levels here. It depends how much energy I can mobilize. Today I had a lot of energy.

In the changing room I had a quick conversation with a new yogini. She practiced with the Sivananda people in Munich. There I learned headstand. She too learned headstand there within a rather short time of a few weeks. I learned it in one session. The reason: You do it in the middle of the room and never against a wall. The wall is poison for this pose. One learns to start from the middle of the body. The arm position must be correct. To have a mind that likes to explore new things is not a disadvantage.

Even Iyengar who used a lot of props, taught headstand in the middle of the room. I don't know why so many yoga teacher advise to practice headstand against a wall.

On Fridays I try to be longer in headstand. This was possible today, The body was in balance, the mind calm.

Tomorrow is a day off from yoga. Yepeeeee.......

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why knitting is so addictive

I knit and knit and knit......and soon my ice-blue pullover will be ready to wear. Why is knitting so addictive? In the last days I did nothing else but knitting. Taking pictures, preparing a meal, cleaning, reading didn't distract me from knitting.

I think this is the power of visualization.
Whenever one starts a knitting project one has the end product in mind. And this wants to be realized. The path is known, too. Knitting, knitting, kitting.

The power of visualization is still underrated. I'll integrate in in my daily routines. For sure. Things get done when one can imagine them. Perhaps this will help me to reach my toes in kapotasana. It can be.

Yoga: I practice daily in the shala, yes, yes, One day the practice is great, the other day not. I observe this and stay cool.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Excellent led class

Today is Friday, that is worldwide the Ashtanga yoga practitioners practice the first series. This is so reasonable. After an intensive week the bodies are weak and it's safe to do a bit less. For many yoginis primary is less than usual.

We had a led class. It was perfect. Perfect means for me that the counting was even.

Some teacher count slower when the yoginis perform a challenging asana. Usually I give up then. To hold navasana for 5 even breath is my limit.

Most teacher are too nice for led classes. There comes a point where they cannot stop themselves to adjust yoginis who are not able to get into a pose. Then the counting rhythm is changing. The other yoginis are starving in the meantime in a pose that is challenging for them, too, but it gets even more challenging if they have to hold it much longer. I think of bhuja pidasana. Adjusting during a led class spoils the rhythm.

Our teacher L counted evenly. Twice I saw him adjusting someone. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have noticed it.
I could follow the counting with my breath. The rhythm didn't give room to dream. This even rhythm created flow. This is always a highlight.

I loved this fast consequent rhythm. I also learned something.
Marichyasana C and D is challenging because one has to get into the pose very quickly. Yet one also gets out of the pose quickly. There is the last exhaling of the last fifth breath. With the next inhaling one lifts up the body to perpare the jumping.

It's always a little miracle how good I feel after a yoga session.
Happy weekend.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

The yoga week has started

It's the 1st of March today and Sunday.

I was a bit lazy this morning and even reluctant to get out of the bed. Yet then I saw this orange-blue sky. This opened my eyes, this woke me up, this filled my heart with joy.

During March we have a new teacher. M is indeed a master in organizing things. L just arrived from India, Gokulam.

When I entered the practice room, he, his girl-friend and our teacher S were still practicing. I love to see what dedicated practitioners we have as teachers.

There are so many ways to adjust kapotasana, I was curious how L would adjust me here. He sits behind me, guides my hands to his knees and I try o get deeper pressing the hands against his shin bones. M adjusted me this way,too.

I got also help in urdhva dhanurasana. We quickly found a rhythm. Swinging two times, and coming up the third time. I feel it, I'm so close to come up on my own. I really try hard to get my hands as close as possible to the feet.

The final goal is to do all the asanas alone. Till then I enjoy the luxury of the support of experienced teachers. Might also L have a wonderful time here in Munich.