Friday, February 27, 2015

We became such a sweet Ashtanga yoga community

Today was G's last day here. It was our last Mysore class with him. One can clearly say that he has left traces here in Munich. To experience an intensive learning situation without much talking was excellent. G created an intensive atmosphere. I got excellent adjustments, yet I got also advice how to improve my practice on my own. I think my practice leaped ahead in the last 2 months.

For me the workshop was very informative, too. I don't feel like traveling to India. Nevertheless I love to have a strong connection to this place of the world and to the teaching of Sharath. I want to be informed what's going on there. I know now some important alteration in the series. I wrote about it.

A big thank you to G for his generosity to share his experience with us.

On Sunday the show goes on - another excellent teacher will support us. M is very active in the background and cares that we can go on with our Mysore classes here in Munich.

Yoginis are flexible. Nothing can be held. Life goes on........with highest speed.

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