Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The bandhas

Vinyasas: This morning I focused on the bandhas when I did the vinyasas. What a glorious idea. The vinyasas were excellent.

Laghu vajrasana: I moved backwards till the head touched the floor and I was able to come up again. This time the knees didn't drift away from each other like yesterday.I so engaged the leg muscles.  I didn't pause when down. I'll repeat this movement for some time and then I'll add one breath at a time.

Kapotasana was lousy. I asked G how far away my fingers were from my toes. When I saw the distance I got frustrated.

Urdhva dhanurasana: It feels good. G is convinced that I'm able to come up. I think he deserves that I come up tomorrow. This pose improved during his stay here in Munich. Both G and M worked a lot with me on this pose. When I see my back bending in pictures I so admire them because they don't give up on me. My back bending looks modest in pictures. Their optimism is contagious. This gives a lot of energy and trust. I believe now that I'll stand up soon from this back bending asana. Yep.

Tomorrow is another Mysore class. On Friday is the last class with G. Then our time with G is over. Too fast, I think. It was an excellent time.

Picture: Doors open.


Anna said...

Beautiful banner, Ursula - I love it so much. It would make a striking poster on your sitting room wall. You look like a 1930s film star :-))

Anna said...

Blow it up and have it framed. Go on!

Ursula Preiss said...

You are very sweet. Thank you.

You're right - every quarter I should print the best of.... :)