Sunday, February 15, 2015

My personal closing prayer

I could reach my toes again in kapotasana with the help of G. Not the first time when I tried to get into the pose, but the second time. The recommendation: Repeat it twice. Always.
This is what I will do.
To reach my toes is such a highlight. And it feels good to be in that deep back bending. It's no more the feeling that I want to get out of the pose as fast as possible. It's rather: Wow, if I had known how nice it is to be that deep this would have me motivated a bit more.

Also laghu vajrasana comes back. In the ballet with Sergei Ponunin is a sequence where he is doing a similar movement. It looks so easy and perfect. I watched this ballet so often, I don't know how often. It was sort of visualization for me. It helped.

May I continue with the good news? Vinyasas become better and also urdhva dhanurasana.

I learned to push me more and more and again a tiny bit more. That's it what makes the asanas come true in the long run. Yet to get closer to the limit, to stand it and to push through it is something one must learn, too.

My closing prayer (I have still not learned the official one) is simple. It's:  Thank you.

I'm so thankful that I can do this crazy practice. My beloved E supports me.

And the yoga teacher G and M help me, too. They believe in my ability to do also the advanced asanas. This encourages me a lot. And they have the ability to give the necessary adjustments.

So often in my life, especially in my job life I experienced jealousy and animosity. It seems as if obstacles were thrown in my way. I scarcly felt supported. So much energy was wasted with company politics.

I so appreciate the current support that flows to me from all sides from so many different people.

Thank you.

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Quentin said...

An appropriate thought for Lent.