Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Laghu vajrasana

I know I have to work on getting stronger legs. The legs have to do a lot of work. They do the main work when moving out of every back bending asana.

I had not much success with laghu vajrasana lately. As soon as my head was on the floor, my body was like a sack of iron. No way to come up. I rather collapsed.
I changed my strategy. I moved backwards and up. Today I moved back till my head touched the floor and then I came up again. The knees drifted apart, but I came up. I consider this as a success.

Later when we sipped tea after yoga a yogini friend gave me a tip. It was to work more on the strength of my legs. So right she is. I didn't know that it was so obvious that this is my weak point.

I enjoy the highlight of today.

'Are you tired?' G asked me today. But I wasn't tired. I go to bed on time, that is 9pm straight. I want to be fit for the practice. Only a few days are left with G. I'm not tired but the back bending asanas are volatile. The performance is changing: sometimes good, sometimes not good. Hahahaha.....

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