Monday, February 16, 2015

It happened again

After this excellent practice yesterday I didn't expect much for today. Yet also today I reached my toes with my hands. Not alone. G helped me to get closer with my hands. The adjustment is not easy. I'm so happy that I may experience the feeling of being in such a crazy pose. My optimism get nourished.

Here are some tips that I got by now:
- Always repeat it.
- Take your time.
- Move first the one hand closer, then the other one.
- Start with the side that is more flexible.
- Have the chin on the chest when crawling the hands to the feet. It's amazing, but this is really a trick.
- Stretch your arms between the attempts to get closer to the feet and breath 5 times. This requires so much will power. Yet this is it.

There is a lot more to say: The legs shall be strong, bandhas shall be engaged, deep breathing helps.

The secret is to practice daily correctly. Then a lot can be moved. This is easy said. Yet it works.

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