Thursday, February 12, 2015

Highlights happen - reached my toes in kapotasana

Yes, I reached my toes in kapotasana. A highlight. This happened the first time about 5 years ago. G helped me. I learned so much in these 2 months from him. He is such a generous teacher. He shares his knowledge and helps with perfect adjustments. That I could do this today makes me optimistic again, that I can do this pose alone, too, one day, not in the next life, but one day. Soon.

Even better this pose felt good. I wanted to stay. It was not that I wanted to get out of the pose as fast as possible. I enjoyed this back bending.

I work intensively on the asanas, also on urdhva dhanurasana. I get into the pose 4 times now when I start from the floor. I hold it for 5 long breaths. Each time when I lift up I try to walk my hands as close as possible. When I lift up the 4th time I go on the balls of my feet first. This allows me to get even closer. When I lower the heels, my thighs are burning. I breathe and hold it. My goal is to lift up 5 times.

Also when I drop back, I take my time, a lot of time. I move backwards, then I stay, I move deeper into the pose, then I stay again and so forth.

I can do this because I built stamina in the last year.

Yesterday I watched perhaps 20 times the dance with Sergei Polunin. This morning before practice I watched it again. I thought everybody must love this expressive ballet. Yet there are always critical voices. No matter what one does there is someone who doesn't like it. I love this interpretation of the song. I'm even in awe. What grace, what dynamic, what perfection, what lightness..... I could go on.
This video motivated me today.

I'm a fan of the human body. And I became a fan of Sergei.


Anna said...

It stunned us when, suddenly, he left the Royal Ballet. Wish I'd got to see him: what a beautiful, mesmerising talent.

Gut gemacht re. Kap :-))

Anonymous said...

I think of the country & western song - "Some days are diamonds, some days are stones", and then the Buddhist attitude to that, which would be "Diamonds, Stones, same thing". I think yoga - especially Kapotasana - teaches us this too.

Recently my regular yoga teacher has been teaching some movement stuff rather than traditional yoga and a lot of the work looks like the floor sequences from that dance. I just wish I could do it with that much power and elegance. I turn 55 next week so perhaps now is not the time to start trying :) Finally my Kurmasana improved this week - so it's not too late to see progress.

Ursula Preiss said...

Yeah, he is great, Anna.

I love the little Kap-progress.

Ursula Preiss said...

It's never too late. 55 is a great age to climb personal 'Himalayas'.

Happy happy birthday, Mike!

I love the metaphor 'some days are diamonds, some days are stones'. I've never heard it before.