Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't push too hard, when you are tired.

My practice lasted 20 min shorter today than usual. I was indeed tired. The mind always tries to find reasons why something is so. Perhaps 3 excellent practices in a row were enough and the body had to integrate the depth of these practices.

No adjustments for kapotasana today, which was very responsible and I was glad, almost relieved. I exercised this pose 3 times on my own, of course with energy (without energy I cannot do this pose) yet without pushing.
I took it easy today. Indeed.

Urdhva dhanurasana was great, I didn't aim for the limits either, but I always want to do this pose:
- I lifted myself up from lying on the floor - 4 times - each time I brought my hands closer to the feet.
- I dropped back 3 times alone
- I dropped back 3 times alone, yet I got help to come up. My understanding of how to stand up gets better every day.
- 3 times I moved backwards, arms crossed in front of the chest. We get hold to do this back bending asana.
- Then I moved backwards with arms crossed in front of the chest, yet in the last moment one stretches the arms. For this position one gets held, too. I walked closer to the feet with the hands. The adjustment is to pull against the hips. One holds against this. This strengthens the necessary muscles. And up....

Thirteen times I did back bending. This shall be enough. And this was a tired day today.

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Don't forget: Tomorrow is a moon day.

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