Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Could reach the balls of my feet with my finger tips

I'd rather say: G could bring my fingers a tiny bit closer to the heels of my feet in kapotasana. My fingers touched the balls of my feet today.
Then my limit was reached. It started to feel not so good anymore on my right shoulder. This is OK. It's every day a play with the limits. Sometimes one can get closer, sometimes close is far away. And sometimes one has reached a limit that is no more comfortable. In sum the pose feels good, so much better than ever.

My practice explodes. Kapotasana gets better almost on a daily basis. I'm so close to stand up from urdhva dhanurasana. I think I need a bit more strength and a bit more fine-tuning and then I jump through (forward and backward) without touching the floor with my feet. It's harvest time. This must be enjoyed, Nothing lasts forever.

Over a period of time one  learns to perform asanas, but one also learns to get closer to the limits. The mental strength improves. I'm able to motivate myself to perform urdvha dhanurasana  4 times before I drop back and I hold the pose for 5 breaths. I want to do this exercise 5 times.

The above picture is taken this morning at 5:45am. That's the time when I leave my cosy home. The very early mornings have atmosphere. I don't feel how cold it is when I see so much beauty around me.

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