Sunday, January 11, 2015

Vinyasa - jumping backwards

This is how it starts. Exhaling is done. One moves the crossed legs as far as possible to the body. The hip muscles hold them there. I rather think to keep my knees close to my shoulders.

Inhaling. Bandhas are engaged. Hands press into the floor. One must resist the impulse to look down. And one must resist the impulse to stretch the legs and to move backwards.

Toes are pointed. They guide and move backward. The body moves forward. It could be better to look even more forward.
From here I have to keep turning the body around my own center. I learned from paid videos that one has to round the back. The elbows shall move outside. The hands try to turn inwards. This shall give momentum. It helps to engage the bandhas even more. I still feel stuck here.
I try to hold this pose longer than only one breath to get stronger.

Somewhere on YouTube I found an interim step. It was recommended  to bring the feet to the arms. That way they are still in the air. One can study  how one moves forward. I think it could be even an idea to bring the chin to the floor instead of the front. It's recommended to hold this pose for some time to get stronger.

When the body turned around the own center to stretch the legs is a piece of cake.

This is my current knowledge. I always try to learn the next tiny step. This vinyasa is challenging.

Bhuja pidasna is a key asana in my opinion in order to learn this vinyasa.

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