Saturday, January 03, 2015

The weight

I waited till this morning. Yet today it had to be. I stepped on the scales. Relief. I managed it not to gain weight over my limit during Christmas time and New Year dinner. Yet the limit of 47 kg is reached.

To have everything, but not more is a guideline for yoginis. It's also true for eating habits. Eat what the body needs to survive, but not more. 

We got pampered with good food, for sure. Our mothers are master chefs. The Western sins in form of cookies were available all the time. It's almost not possible not to eat them. One must also try them. As soon as one has started to eat these sugar-flour devils the addiction is on. 'Only one more' repeats the mind.......

Yesterday when we arrived here in Munich I saw that my vegetable/fruit dealer had opened his shop. I jumped up and down. This was indeed the first activity that I did. I put down the suitcases when at home. It rained, but I didn't care. I got out to buy bananas, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli.....

I want to cook more in 2015. Most restaurants don't offer what I want. Mainly I eat out for lunch because I think it's too much work to prepare my own meals. Yet to cook is just a matter of exercise and creativity and a bit of planning. There are a lot of quick recipes.

For further information I recommend a book on breaking the food addiction.

Today is Saturday and no practice is planned.

I'm very happy to be at home again.

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