Thursday, January 08, 2015

The vinyasas

OK, the vinyasas - they are focus in the first 3 months.

The exercise on the picture is really good. One can have an 'aha-moment'. If one wants to lift up the body with straight legs. one has to pose the hands in the middle of the upper legs and not next to the hips. One must engage the bandhas. When the toes are pointed it's easier. Hands press into the floor. Inhaling and UP.

One learns to work with the shoulders because they have to move forward when the hands are placed in the middle of the upper legs.

Also when the legs are bent and close to the body, the hands reach forward. If they are next to the hips the body moves backwards and this is exact the opposite direction of what one wants.

This is in my opinion the first 'trick', the first tiny step. One has to build strength here.

One can exercise this little exercise every time, even on an office chair. No warm-up is necessary - this IS the warm-up. Hahaha.....

When jumping forward I want to finish in the above pose before lowering the body. Ha! If one can do this this dynamic movement is under control.

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Francisca said...

Dear Ursula,

Ha, ha, I've just tried this in my office chair, as you suggested ;)
A good tip to exercise while working.

Bom Ano!

Ursula Preiss said...

Great! :) :)