Monday, January 05, 2015

The pressure to write this blog is gone.

In 2009 I wrote 1421 blog posts.
In 2014 I wrote 201 blog posts,

I started writing this blog in order to stay motivated to practice yoga daily. When I discovered Ashtanga yoga I mainly practiced alone. I learned primary till navasana in a led class that was offered once a week. The rest of the series I learned from Swenson. His book was on my sofa during my first years. When ever I had he opportunity, i.e. when we traveled to the US, I went to Ashtanga yoga schools. Nevertheless I was mainly alone and I FEARED to give up the daily practice. Demanding jobs plus Ashtanga yoga brought me to my limits.

It was on a boring afternoon that I discovered that an Ashtanga community existed online. Many were blogger, too. The only teacher here in Munich 10 years back was in India for 2 months. I wanted to keep up my practice, yet doubted if I would have the energy. The one class every week pushed me through the week.

I should blog about it like all the others, I thought. This was the beginning.

Many of those early blogger and Ashtanga yoga practitioners stopped blogging. Some also gave up the practice and some both of it. Yet I also know those who still blog and still practice. :)

To write is such a strong tool to stay motivated. It's a tool to learn consciously. No matter what I want to do I also write about it. It helps to be focused.

It also seemed to me that being online was a possibility to flee. We used to live in a rather small flat, perhaps even too small. The screen was like a window to the world. I only had to switch on my PC and a much greater space opened. I felt connected with the world.

Since we moved we have more room. I don't feel anymore to create more space around me via my PC.

This blog never went through the ceiling. During the years I got more readers, yet the number is still modest. Nevertheless writing this blog had a lot of surprises. To expose in a blog requires courage. One makes oneself vulnerable. People around the globe can read what one writes. Obviously some liked it. Via that blog I got dear friends around the globe. This alone was worth all the hours spent updating it. :)

As I can go 6 times a week to a Mysore class, I don't need this blog anymore to stay motivated. I know I'll get up at 5am to go to the class. I don't have to talk me into it, it's already a habit, a daily joy.

I'll keep writing regularly because...
- I love writing, I love to express myself in words.
- Writing will support me to progress in my Ashtanga yoga. It's my way to reflect about it.
- I learned so much during the last decade, I also want to share my insights (sort of giving back).
- It's a way to stay connected with the Ashtanga community worldwide.
- I also want to write in English. It's important these days to be fluent in that language.

Today is a moon day and I don't practice.

The picture is taken in 2007. 


Steven Engelen said...

I started reading your blog in 2014.
It motivated me as well to get up early and do some yoga.
Now I no longer need motivation.

But I still read your blog ;-).

So, thanks for blogging!

Ursula Preiss said...

:) :)


So be entertained.

Sprachgewand said...

Ich lese Deinen Blog seit einem Jahr und genieße Deine Beiträge, lerne und fühle mich begleitet.

Ursula Preiss said...

Das freut mich sehr.

Das motiviert mich auch weiter zu schreiben.

MarTinchee said...

You are so wonderful! Great blog, great post! I don't have a time to read blogs but sure I'll make some time to check yours. Namaste! <3

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you.