Sunday, January 25, 2015

The effects of yoga

Yesterday was my second day here in Berlin. I woke up and went to the breakfast room which is one floor higher in the 7th floor. As always I took my Nikon beast with me. One never knows. So many pictures are not taken because the camera was lazy at home. This is why I take mine with me whenever possible and most of the time it's possible. I put it on the table in front of me. The belt hang off the table. My foot must have been between the belt. When I changed my leg position I pulled my camera off the desk. With a loud crash it fell to the floor. I picked it up and looked through it. Darkness. The camera couldn't focus anymore. First I thought the lens is broken. Soon I left the breakfast room to test another lens, The camera showed the same issue. I think now that the body is skewed, which is worse. When at home I try to get it repaired. I hope this is possible.

Redundant to say that this is a big misery for me, that my camera is broken. I could (!) have taken so many pictures here, all of best quality. And now I have to be happy with this Samsung......Soon I came to the conclusion, that being sad wouldn't make the falling of my camera with all the consequences undone. Be creative, I thought. Being creative does not only mean to create nice pictures. Being creative also means to make the best out of every situation. It means to approach life situations with fantasy and fun. Do I have another camera with me, I asked myself. I always carry around my Samsung and I found it deep down in my handbag. I can take pictures, I can edit them. So why worrying.
Every day in the morning when I practice yoga I learn to focus my thoughts. I concentrate on the breath, There are dristis. I try to perform the asanas correctly and focus on this, too and all the other life stories are not existing. The mind can only focus on one event. It can jump from one topic to the next, yet one can tame this speciality of our curious lively minds. This is what I learn in yoga. I focus on my big toe. And I'm happy.

Yesterday in the morning I wrote a dear friend about my mishap. In the evening I read her reply. During the day I had forgotten about my camera. I learned to focus on what's next. I enjoyed my day at the fullest. This is what the correct practice of yoga can do in the long run. It helps to focus.

The hotel room feels warmer today. I will practice. The birthday party is at 4pm. I hope to get some flowers by then.

Picture #1: It's the 7th floor of the KaDeWe, it's the restaurant there.
Picture #2: Berlin is a fashion city. So many designers live here. One can find really great stuff.

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