Wednesday, January 14, 2015



This pointer will help me.

I'd like to talk about back bending again, especially kapotasana. It's indeed so easy to betray oneself.

How do I practice:
First I have to convince myself to do it. This is the slow part. Then I bend back. Quickly it feels unpleasant, quickly I'm out of the pose. Quickly a repetition is done, too. I expect then to see quick progress even though I spend a few seconds every day exercising this pose. For kapotasana this is not enough.

So today I exercised slower. I stayed longer in the different steps, till I dropped back. I repeated the pose 3 times.

I faced another issue. G advised me to walk my hands closer with the help of my fingers. The sticky mat is very supportive here. Yet yesterday my long hair was on the floor in front of my hands and my hands were sliding. Shall I change my hair do, I wondered. I had a better idea. Today I put my hair under my shirt. Problem solved. My fingers could walk closer and closer. Three times I walked them closer. I stretched my arms and I walked closer, I stretched my arms and I walked closer.....

I think the breath is so important. Consciously one must search the limit. It's the point where the discomfort is felt. Breathing never stops. After a while the body is used to the position and one can go a bit deeper. The breath helps to relax.

It was a good practice today. It could even be seen from the outside.

On the picture is ustrasana. I even think it could make sense to hold this pose a bit longer, too.

Good is that I can imagine that one day I'll be able to perform kapotasana. 

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