Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Moon day

"Don't practice at home," our teacher G told us when he announced yesterday that today is a moon day. I didn't even set the alarm clock and slept till 9am. :) Too many hours in bed makes the body stiff. It doesn't matter. I was glad that I finally slept in yesterday night I needed the sleep till 9am.
In the evening I watched  a thriller. The story was perhaps not so interesting, but the actors were fantastic, especially Heino Ferch. I just googled him and I'm not alone with this opinion. As I don't watch TV that often, thrillers are very exciting. 'Is he dead now?' I asked E, but our hero survived in the film, even though a knife was pushed in his abdomen.
But also the news do not calm the mind. Most news are bad news. What scares is of interest. We are manipulated alone by the fact that only a tiny part of all the news are broadcast. It's the same with photography. The choice that I make regarding my topics in my pictures is already subjective. News stir. I prefer to read a newspaper to be informed. Economic interests me more than accidents around the globe.
And I love to watch: The perfect dinner. Yesterday the participants had dogs. When amateurs cook one realizes that preparing a 3 course meal  is art. I'm astonished that some of the chefs prepare a meal the first time in their lives. They might have a lot of trust in themselves. Also cooking is experience.

Back to the moon day: 
I need moon days. The body has time to relax on these days.
Yet I need moon days to get all the things done that I postpone during the week.
My yoga practice needs 4 hours in the morning. I get up at 5am and at 9am I'm at home again. There is a clock in the practice room. Even though I don't dawdle, I also don't do extra exercises either, yet my practice lasts 2 hours again. I repeat kapotasana, I repeat urdhva dhanurasana and also laghu vajrasana several times. Afterwards I sip tea. Our Mr R prepares best green tea for us. It's such a welcoming atmosphere that is created in the shala. Sometimes even dried fruit is offered. It touches me. This is yoga off the mat. It's caring for others. It's such a joy to practice in our new shala at Amiraplatz 3 in Munich.
Yoga is about being relaxed. So I think there must be time for a cup of tea at the end.

Desk work is waiting for me: I'm ready to attack this pile of papers. Hurray.

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