Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jumping forward

Jumping forward, through the arms without touching the floor with the feet - this is the goal. This vinyasa  is a dynamic connection between asanas. It starts from downward facing dog.

1. First I get on the balls of my feet.
2. I move the legs close to the body and look forward to the point in front of the hands. .
3. The arms are long. This is important, if one doesn't want to injure the shoulders in the long run.
4. With the next inhaling I jump high. I think: high. The hips must be over the shoulders. the heels should move to the body. Then the body is a small parcel.
5. Bandhas are engaged!
6. Gravity forces the body to come down (fall down), often before one could move the body through the arms.

I want to jump so high that I can hold the position for several breath. Then I want to lower the body and move the legs through the arms. I have the tip  to jump high and to balance for several breath on the hands with bent legs from the book by David Keil and he has it from his teacher John Scott.

Many yogis are so obsessed by handstand. I'm not. It's just another yoga pose among many. Yet this is the preparation for this pose. I don't know why, but many yoginis are so even greedy to learn handstand, but they don't want to work on the vinyasas. The practice is so perfect. It gets more difficult gradually.

I think in order to lose the fear to jump really high I have to learn to fall out of the pose. That is I have to move the head to the chest when I realize that I fall over. This must happen quickly. I postpone to exercise this, because I'm afraid. I know this is the next step!!!

Finally this dynamic movement is under control. One can stretch the legs and lower the body. With the next exhaling one can move into the next pose.

PS: This is my current knowledge. I'm also a student.

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