Friday, January 23, 2015

It's too cold here.

Brrrrr, we booked the larger room. I would have room to practice Ashtanga yoga, but it's too cold in here. I got a heater even in addition to the normal heater. Yet I sit here with cold hands. I've a scarf around my body. I feel cold: I fear to get a cold even.

So, I plan to go to a yoga studio here. Not on Sunday, but on Monday. In Berlin it's very cold and windy. I looked in serious faces when I walked around today. Nobody stood around, all had a destination that they wanted to reach quickly.
Most people are business people in hotels. But there are also people like me who want to spend some time in the room. I know this issue from former stays here. Once they solved the issue. But I also remember stays here where I felt cold all the time.
Next time it would be good to test another hotel.

Nevertheless I had a wonderful day. To see the sunrise above the clouds this morning pleased me. And this was only the beginning of the day. People are open-minded here. During dinner in an Indian restaurant I chatted with students.

I curse. It's so cold. I'll put on a pullover in bed. Impossible.

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Jacob Adom said...

I can totally relate to this. I went to India on a winter break. And it was so cold there that I was completely wrapped all day in my Kooshoo shawls. But the whole experience totally amazing.