Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Full house

Epiphany is over, too. The festive days are behind us. Finally.
Today the Mysore program started and it was in full swing already on the very first day. It makes a difference when a teacher studies Ashtanga yoga in Gokulam regularly. Also the teaching method is very special. The atmosphere today was so concentrated. Only the breath of the yoginis/yogis could be heard.

This is it, I thought. Indian atmosphere.
For the next 2 months we can study with Gabriel Stinga. We can thank Michael Schabort for this, our teacher here in Munich. He organised it that we can keep practicing with a very qualified teacher during his stay in Gokulam. This is so much more than one can expect. There are people who care.
This is very motivating.

I even learned a new 'trick' today: No matter if it's kapotasana or urdhva dhanurasana, one has to walk the hands closer to the feet. It can be useful to work with the fingers. I'll do this.

Despite being tired (couldn't fall asleep tonight), my body felt flexible. I enjoyed the intensity of my practice and the atmosphere.


mikeintonbridge said...

There is a lot of value in sticking to one teacher or 'guru' so as not to be confused. But isn't it lovely when someone new gives you a little insight? Maybe they just phrase something differently and you have a flash of understanding, or they see something in your body because they are looking for the first time and have a fresh perspective. Like everything, even which teachers you have, it's a question of balance :)

Ursula Preiss said...

This is so true, Mike.

Both are advanced practiitioners, excellent teachers, too, yet everybody sees something else adjusts a tiny bit different. I do enjoy the variety and the inspiration.
Life cannot be better right now.