Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday primary

On the picture is prasarita padottanasana D with the correct arm position. Hands and arms are in line. My feet are closer together these days. I need room in front of my head in order to get deeper into the pose.

Slowly I understand the movement when jumping back. It's a movement forward. So it is. I found the next little piece of the puzzle. Now it needs to be exercised.

My practices are intensive these days. I try to integrate the tips that I get into my practice. I.e. I was told that the head is the last what comes up when coming up from urdhva dhanurasana. I know this. Yet today I focused on this . I even tried  to sretch  the head bit more backwards that is I lengthened my throat. It made a difference. Hips forward is the message. Legs need to be strong.

The day off tomorrow feels as deserved. I won't set the alarm clock. Nevertheless I know I'll wake up early, but not at 5am.

Today we'll go out. yet on Saturday and Sunday I'll cook. Ashtanga yoga is a rather strict practice. Cooking is one of the activities that allow to be creative.

Happy weekend.

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