Monday, December 01, 2014

Something new begins and I'm enthusiastic

We practice with our Ashtanga yoga teacher MSch in another shala from today on. It's all so perfect, I'm enthustiastic.

The shala is also downtown, very reachable. That is it's only 2 min walk from a subway. It's situated in a very posh building. When I entered the house the doors opened alone. Hahaha.......The neighbours are lawyers and fund manager. In the shala is still a slight fragrance of freshly painted walls. Everything is new and the furniture are well chosen. The bench in the reception room is Indian style. We also get water afterwards and we can relax.

The practice room is rather a square, it's cosy. We'll practice in 4 long lines. Soon we'll have Indian feeling there, because we practice next to each other and the Ashtanga yoga community is growing. The room will be humid which will help a lot to bend and sweat. It's possible to do the closing sequence in the back of the room.

Fingers crossed that I can leave my heavy yoga mat there.

So many yogis and yoginis came today on the very first day at the new place (Amiraplatz 3 in Munich). This is such a good omen. The numbers of yogis and yoginis who love to practice Ashtanga yoga in the traditional way is growing. What a luck that we have MSch here.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.......

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